Optimum Halloween blood drive

For yet another year, loyal to its Corporate Social Responsibility appointment and with a high sense of solidarity, 

Optimum organized successfully a blood donation venue at it’s premises. Captain George, “leading by example” was the first to donate the most valuable gift of life and together with the rest of the employees played a crucial role in maintaining a regular supply of all blood groups and types so that we can provide a steady flow to the hospitals and patients who need it.

Blood donation is our human duty and by becoming a good Samaritan, we generate inspiring practices for others to follow in the future.
The active participation of You and your whole team, in our effort to fulfill every need of our families and our fellow human beings, makes our work easier and fills us with optimism for the future.

Because only at sea you learn how little a person needs, not how much!!!

As when at sea, we can’t change the direction of the wind but only adjust our sails in order to reach our destination, by giving blood every one of us helps meet the challenge of providing life-saving products to all those that have been “hit by strong winds”.

Blood saves lives and as there's no substitute for human blood, each individual donation is an amazing gift to people and is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society and his fellow citizens in need.

Captain George, may we always have a fair wind and a following sea in our common journey of social contribution, as well as Good Health as our steward and Good Friends as our crew!